Help with logging in & commenting


2015/03/28 – Some changes for ScienceBasedMedicine

As of March 28th, 2015, ScienceBasedMedicine now has SSL/TLS encryption support. That’s what the little lock icon in the corner of your browser means. Unfortunately, this was not 100% seamless. Some people experienced problems commenting during the transition period. If you have been having any issues commenting, registering, or logging in, please log out, clear your browser’s cache, and try again.


Earlier this year, after getting hacked, we made some major changes. It all had to be done, but of course there are some new headaches. We’ve published this new help page explaining the changes, why you do not have to have a Facebook or Twitter or Google+ account, and why some comments are held for moderation.

How it used to be

Commenters here used to have a login just for We had about 40,000 user accounts — too many for a small volunteer-powered organization to safely manage. We no longer “register” users. There is no main login page.

How it is now

Now we are using a service to handle all logins and confirm the identity of commenters for us. SBM will recognize logins for Facebook, Twitter, Google+. In other words, you can associate your comment with those accounts. We also support ad hoc commenting.

So where do you go to comment?

If there’s no login page, where do you go to comment? It’s so obvious that people miss it: to comment, go to the bottom of the list of comments. There’s a space there to enter your comment. There’s also a “Leave a comment” link at the bottom of each post.

No, you do not have to have a social media account

To login to comment, you are not limited to those “social media” logins, which many people love to hate. And we understand that. But you can always comment in a way that has nothing whatsoever to do with Twitter, Facebook, or Google+: ad hoc commenting requires no login at all. Just fill in your name and email (fake if you like), and away you go.

Everything in moderation: why some comments are held back

There is only one reasons, and it’s not “censorship.” If your comment is being held back, it’s because we have a personal peek at what all first-time commenters have to say — mostly just to make sure it’s not spam. We do not reject comments for being critical or even rude. SBM is run by volunteers, so please be patient.