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Every business is now a digital business. But today, the biggest innovations will not be in technology tools themselves, but in how they are designed with people in mind. More than ever before, you hold the power to shape and apply technology to create positive change, improve lives, and transform business and society. Want to learn more?

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You are part of an unprecedented time in technology. As the pace of change and innovation continues to accelerate, you’ll find new opportunities that will stretch your imagination and accelerate your career. Watch the on-demand keynote and Q&A sessions from Australia, Asia Pacific, India, Europe and the Americas. You’ll hear from Technology Vision leaders and local business leads as they discuss five ‘technology for people’ trends that’ll drive the biggest changes since the start of the information age. Afterward, visit the Careers Booths to learn more about the work you could be a part of and the cutting-edge technology, people and clients you’ll work with.

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If you want vital clues to map your next move or to see how the latest tech could affect your career prospects, Tech Vision’s in-depth analysis gives you the low-down on the key trends that matter. But perhaps none more so than the Workforce Marketplace. After decades of static hierarchies, convergence of online work management and on-demand labor platforms are opening up new ways to work, free from bureaucratic convention.

Fluid and flexible, the talent market model is widely enjoyed via our pioneering Accenture Crowd Platform. Defined by freedom of opportunity, it’s an approach that liberates you to design your own career journey in a more rewarding way, while truly playing to your strengths and passion.

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If you’re looking to work smarter, faster and better with the latest, coolest tech alongside the best people in the business, you’ll find outstanding opportunities across Accenture

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