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Accenture ranked as Innovation Leader in HfS Blueprint Report on Internet of Things

Report cites Accenture's robust platform-based offerings, Internet of Things (IoT) expertise and As-a-Service pricing models as reasons behind "Winner's Circle" placement.


In October 2016, HfS Research published its “HfS Blueprint Report: Internet of Things (IoT) Services 2016," placing Accenture in the “Winner’s circle” for both innovation and execution, and as the overall leader for innovation.

The HfS Blueprint Report lists Accenture’s breadth of internal platforms; tight partner relationships; overall strong portfolio of IoT work (especially in large-scale complex industrial and manufacturing IoT), and Accenture’s significant ready-to-deploy technologies.

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Key Findings

HfS Research placed Accenture in the "Winner's Circle" based on relevant differentials between service providers across numerous facets in the categories of innovation and execution.

According to HfS Research: “Accenture has become the most innovative in IoT service provision by playing to its strengths. In collaborating with clients to drive their IoT action plans, Accenture has made innovation—built on its broad industry and technology experience—and a wide IoT ecosystem central to what it offers.

The fact Accenture has also invested ahead of the curve in IoT projects of every scale, while simultaneously focusing on developing proprietary software means that Accenture has become a one-stop-shop for enterprises requiring a strategic partner to help them take advantage of the IoT.”

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The Internet of Things (IoT) Services HfS Blueprint Report reviews the emerging value chain of services developing from providers that are addressing this potentially huge and transformative technology. The HfS Blueprint includes profiles and assessments of 17 service providers of IoT Services.

Unlike other quadrants and matrices, the HfS Blueprint identifies relevant differentials between service providers across a number of facets in two main categories: innovation and execution.

HfS emphasizes the emerging nature of the IoT, with 55 percent of the total Blueprint scoring linked to innovation-based evaluation criteria.

© Copyright HfS Research. Source: HfS Blueprint Report: IoT Services 2016.

HfS Blueprint identifies relevant differentials between service providers across a number of facets under two main categories: innovation and execution.

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