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Global Reporting Initiative Index

We use the Global Reporting Initiative G4 guidelines as a foundation for our reporting approach.

Accenture uses the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines as a foundation for our reporting approach and we self-declare our 2016 Corporate Citizenship Report to be in accordance with the Core option of the G4 guidelines.

For more information about these guidelines, please visit the . The top two rows of our reporting prioritization matrix (see page 9 of our 2016 Corporate Citizenship Report) represent the most important aspects of our non-financial reporting, and serve as the basis for the topics included in our GRI Index.

Instructions – Below is the GRI Index corresponding to Accenture's 2016 Corporate Citizenship Report. Click on the "+" below to view the detailed indicators.

Indicator Description Fiscal 2016 Response & Reference
General Standard Disclosures
Specific Standard Disclosures
Category: Environment
Category: Social - Labor Practices and Decent Work
Category: Social - Human Rights
Category: Social – Society
Category: Social - Product Responsibility