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A new organizing strategy for HR

Six new HR operating models that can improve agility, integration with the business and employee experience

Your business is changing at a faster pace than ever before. Has your HR operating model—HR’s blueprint or organizing strategy— kept up? Based on Accenture’s research and experience, as well as the ongoing debate on the future of HR, we have identified six new operating models that can make HR in banks and insurers more agile, bring it closer to the business and improve the employee experience.

  • Just-in-Time HR Model

  • Professional Services Model

  • Talent Segmented Model

  • Crowdsourced Model

  • Lean HR Model

  • Federated/Decentralized Model

A key feature of these models is an emphasis on digital—cloud-based delivery, technologies that facilitate collaboration, analytics capabilities to deliver timely insights and more. Each of these models is designed to suit different strategies, cultures and types of workforces, thus delivering a more flexible and strategically relevant HR.