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Leading insurance service provider

Social media listening delivers a differentiating customer connection

Accenture Interactive, part of Accenture Digital, collaborated with a leading property, casualty and personal insurance provider to build a state-of-the-art social media listening service. This system makes business sense of the insurer’s dauntingly complex and dynamic social ecosystem and provides actionable social media insights, increased digital communication capacity, and helps manage brand and reputation risk.

To progress digital transformation, insurers must look beyond surface social media analytics. Innovative social media business solutions help enterprises:

  • Acquire and retain customers.

  • Drive up customer service operational efficiency.

  • Manage brand and reputation risk.

  • Enhance enterprise listening, routing, engagement and reporting.

  • Assess marketing campaigns and improve marketing return on investment.

With 24/7 social business monitoring, this leading insurer will also be in a better position to positively impact customer satisfaction and crisis management outcomes. Read more about this digital transformation in Accenture’s Case Study.