What It Is

A strategy that combines human capabilities with advanced technologies to enhance productivity and organizational agility.

Why It Matters

Traditional workforce strategies no longer work as technology requires new skills of people and people demand new ways of working.

Where It's Going

Leaders must reimagine work, reinvest in new skills, reinvent the employee experience and redesign their organizations.


Future Workforce Reskilling

Creating new business value by equipping people with the skills they need to collaborate with intelligent technologies.


Is your workforce ready for intelligent technology?

Watch our broadcasts from the World Economic Forum to learn more about the latest workforce trends.

Why a workforce crisis could cripple oil and gas

Issues attracting new talent will hit U.S. operators first

Airbus soars with wearables

Accenture helped Airbus use wearable technology to optimize aircraft assembly and strengthen its competitive advantage.

Workforce Experience & HR

Reinventing HR with digital technology and personalized solutions that put people first and transform the employee experience.


Measured and treasured

Massachusetts puts HR analytics to work for its people

How to create a better work experience

It starts with treating employees like consumers.

Six ways to engage and retain the future workforce

Successfully attracting the future workforce requires a pivot to a digitally-enabled HR.

Agile Organization

Flexible structures, processes and leadership that help people to embrace fast-moving change and innovate at speed and scale.


The need for multi-speed talent

Why a one-size-fits-all strategy no longer works

How the human factor can make or break growth

Research shows the primary barriers to advancing a company’s operations are human factors.

Healthcare talent shortage: Fact or fiction?

The Association of American Medical Colleges predicts a growing talent gap that will only worsen. But Accenture sees the situation differently.


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